March 20, 2019

The Player’s Diary: Romeo Not Juliet 7 – Kingsley Alaribe

The Player’s Diary: Romeo Not Juliet 7 – Kingsley Alaribe

Romeo was in low spirits at work. A small idea that had started as a fun escape was now getting out of hand. He was having trouble maintaining focus with reality. Even though he knew it was wrong to continue to indulge Juliet, he felt powerless to stop.

As one thought continued to lap over another, his secretary called him on the intercom to ask if he was ready to start seeing his clients. He was just about to affirm when he heard Juliet’s voice from a corner of his office. “Tell her you could use a few minutes more,” Juliet said.


     Romeo was quiet, not sure about the situation.

“Can you hear me, Sir?” his secretary asked.

“Give me fifteen minutes.” He replaced the receiver.

Juliet, who was dressed in a smart gray suit, began to strut toward him, with a red bag hanging from her right shoulder. “For days such as this one, when your head can’t hold a thought steady, you need a spike.”

“What kind of spike?”

She got out a syringe from the red bag.

“I don’t know what that is, but it cannot be a good idea.”

“We’ll find out, won’t we?”

“I’m not touching that.”

“Don’t puss around now. You know you’re not at your best today and you need this.”

“And what is that, by the way.”

Juliet smiled. “Heroine.”


   Half an hour later, his secretary had become worried. She’d called him repeatedly to confirm the arrangement but he wasn’t picking the intercom. When she couldn’t keep the clients waiting much longer, she got up and went to knock on his door. After three taps on the door with no accompanying response, she turned the knob and entered. She wasn’t prepared for what she saw: Romeo passed out over his desk with one sleeve folded up.

     She screamed.


   When Romeo regained consciousness at the hospital, his wife tried to find out what had happened because the doctors had been inconclusive with their test results. They hoped he would provide an illuminating inkling.

Romeo feigned ignorance.


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