The President’s Independence Day Speech: An Analysis

The President’s Independence Day Speech: An Analysis

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, released a speech addressing the citizenry in commemoration of the Independence Day in the early hours of October 1.

This is an annual custom and some portions of his speech are worth dissecting in order to have a sense of what The President had achieved and his promises to make the country great.

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Buhari extolled the virtues and sacrifices of the founding fathers who built enduring legacies for all Nigerians to rise from and the onus is on everyone to consolidate on these legacies and ensure the country reaches her zenith.

Whilst the battle against the dreaded terrorist group, Boko Haram, is still ongoing, the war is gradually being won with huge swathes of territories hitherto under terrorist rule have been reclaimed by the Nigerian Army.

The sacrifices of our gallant soldiers must not be in vain and they deserve our maximum respect so their sacrifices of the deceased towards the eradication of this menace won’t be in vain.

The President also ensured the strict implementation of checks and balances within the ranks of the armed forces in order to ensure smooth dispatch of their duties whilst keeping morale at a high.

The issue of the Niger Delta and its environs is also critical to the health of the polity. Efforts are being made towards cleaning up polluted lands and re-establishing livelihood in the affected communities.

The discord between farmers and herders is also being dealt with via a multi-pronged approach involving the civil society organisations, local and state governments, and traditional leaders. Efforts and entreaties are being made in order to forestall further bloodshed with a peaceful and productive society being the by-product of this approach.

Neighbouring countries with a similar problem are being collaborated with in order to fish out the perpetrators unleashing bedlam on the innocent populace ergo, Nigerians are implored to ignore any attempt to play this conflict as a political one by nay-sayers.

The degradation of the environment is a very serious issue not only in Nigeria but worldwide which is why the Federal Government is a signatory to many conventions and agreements aimed at slowing the effects of climate change and mitigating its effects.

The singular fact that our major source of revenue is oil and this comes with attendant environmental dilapidation makes it mandatory on us to take responsibility.

The fight against corruption and embezzlement of public funds has been successful despite resistance from quarters who prefer status quo-quo to remain.

The enacting of the whistle-blowing decree and the promulgation of the TSA has reduced larceny of funds by elected and public officials to the minimum whilst discouraging potential thievery.

The corollary of this development means there is more funds available for infrastructural development which is evident in the amount of such projects ongoing in different parts of the country.

This has also created an enabling environment for local and foreign investors who are now more trusting of the entire process involved towards establishing businesses in the country.

This is the cornerstone to help genuine investors and honest consumers, and the platform will allow for real reforms that is intended to be delivered over the coming years.

The Naira is now stable after a very grim period of serious devaluation with the slide now stemmed and the economy in gradual recovery. The diversification of the economy from over-reliance on oil has also helped in this regard.

All these aforementioned outcomes are as a result of our collective pursuit of a common vision through hard work and dedication of the Nigerian people.

The youth has always been the cornerstone of the economy and their input can never be overemphasized. They fought for the struggle for democracy and human rights even putting their lives at risk at different periods.

These efforts were especially pronounced during the 1993 elections and the 2015 electoral process.

The health of the economy has the youth as the fulcrum with their presence in fields such as technology, agriculture, mining and the creative arts ergo, making Nigeria the cynosure of all eyes within the comity of nations.

The Federal Government has also supported the “not too young to run” legislation which is aimed at getting more youth to be active participants in the future of the country.

It is note-worthy that technology is a very powerful tool that can be used for different purposes and never before in the annals of our history have we faced any such challenge as this.

The responsibility is on us to always verify claims before venturing on social media in order to forestall any mayhem that may be unleashed on innocents as a result.

We need to always think critically on what is good for the country else, our democratic journey from 1999 may be stalled.

The Independent National Electoral Commission will be independent without undue interference from the government.

This is to ensure justice and transparency in the electoral processes at all times which in turn engenders trust in the voting populace.

As the nation celebrates 58 years as an independent nation, these lessons are worth reflecting about in order to make Nigeria a great nation.


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