March 20, 2019

The sex trends experts predict will be huge in 2019

The sex trends experts predict will be huge in 2019

You might not think that sex has trends.

Sex is sex, right?

There can’t be that much you can change about it. But sex trends do indeed exist, whether in terms of the tech we’re using to get off, the type of relationships we have, or our views of sexual acts.

According to Metro, The good news is that as long as you’re having consensual fun, it really doesn’t matter if you stay ahead of the curve. If you are keen on being at the cutting edge of sexual stuff, though, you’re in luck, as sex toy brand Lelo has just released their predictions for the top sex trends of 2019.

Just do everything on the list then pat yourself on the back for being the trendiest, sexiest person ever. Congrats.


Here are sex-related trends that will be on the rise in 2019 — but don’t forget that you can totally start your own sexy trends, too.


Sex dolls

Sex dolls Not the ones you’re imagining, blow up ones with holes for mouths. We’re talking fancy sex dolls made to feel and look incredibly lifelike, made with silicone and internal skeletons for a more human feel.



Being single

Blame Ariana Grande. Lelo reckons that in 2019 we’ll see more women remaining happily single later into their lives, with no desire to get into relationships. Self-dating will be on the rise, as will treating yourself to all the toys you could ever want to provide satisfaction solo.


Male pleasure

Will 2019 be the year we finally accept that men can enjoy sex toys too? The sex toy market will launch a bunch of new male sex toys this year, including prostate massagers and masturbation sleeves, which will hopefully normalise something that’s, well, very normal: using tools to masturbate more effectively.

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