The Story Of Nestle

The Story Of Nestle

Henri Nestle founded his company in 1886 with the idea of offering nutritional products to consumers. Nestle is now one of the world’s biggest food and beverage company. The company is also known for its interesting famous logo which also has a long and very interesting story. The Nestle logo was launched by Henri Nestle in 1868 on the basis of the meaning of his name in German little nest, and of his family emblem symbolizing all the good values of nurturing such as family, warmth, and caring. In 1938, the traditional nest design was combined with the Nestle name to form what is called the combined mark. In 1966, the design was simplified. In 1988, the worm in the mother bird beak was removed and the fledglings became two instead of three. It is said that it was meant to better illustrate the activities of the company and to reflect the average modern family of two children. The logo we know now has just been simplified. The tree is supposed to represent an oak and the bird’s thrushes.

Henri Nestle established a strong identity for his company through the nest image that Nestle still uses today. Henri Nestle had two big visions. First, he envisioned Nestle as an international company: Nestle products found their way into five European countries four months after launch. Second, he wanted his own brand. Private label’s already existed, but he was one of the first to create a manufacturer’s brand. When distributors asked him why he did not put the Swiss flag on his product, he is said to have replied, “Anyone can use the Swiss flag, but only I can use my coat of arms. It will be my seal of quality”.

His house and first factory were in Vevey, Switzerland. This location now houses Nestle’s headquarters. Henri Nestle was born in 1814 in Frankfurt Germany. He was the eleventh of fourteen children of Johann Ulrich Matthias Nestle and Anna-Maria Catharina Ehemann. Henri Nestle’s father by tradition inherited the business of his father Johann Ulrich Nestle and became a glazier (a person whose trade is fitting glass into windows and doors)…Read more

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