The Tragedy that  PDP brought upon itself by Niran Adedokun

The Tragedy that  PDP brought upon itself by Niran Adedokun

But for its continuing existence and the obvious absence of any purgation of emotions, the situation that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) currently grapples with would make a near perfect example of Aristotelian tragedy. Let’s take a count


A reversal of fortune, it couldn’t get any worse for a political party which thinks it owns Nigeria than to be rejected by the people like it just happened to the PDP

 Flaw or error of judgment: people, even those in the top hierarchy of the PDP have spoken about how among other things, the ‘hate speeches’ by the President’s wife “demarketed” the party in the North (even though I still don’t get that).One can go further by listing the legendary indiscipline in the party as well as greed (evidence in the revelation of disrespect for party structures and stories about misappropriated and misapplied monies as other instance of character flaws that plagued the PDP

And then excessive pride (hubris), this one is the father of reasons why great men fall. What pride does to people as it did with the PDP, a party which vowed to rule us forever, is that it makes them delusional. That was exactly what happened to the self-styled largest party in Africa. The party had so much money to play with and it felt that throwing money at every problem   could take the place of proper people management. It got the shock of its life.

But for excessive pride, the PDP would have seen the coup, which took place in the House of Representatives in 2011 as a clear indication that its roof was leaking and needed prompt attention. Had the party paid attention, it most definitely would not have lost those the five governors that defected in 2014.

Although I do not have any foolproof data to substantiate this, but I reckon that a lot, if not all those who left the PDP were part of the number that brought Hon Aminu Tambuwal into office as Speaker in defiance of the party. PDP was too blinded by power to read the danger signs that loomed. Now, the chicken has come home to roost.


And that revealed another problem, in fact the major one. What is more tragic in the unfolding plot of the PDP is that pride, even without the complement of power, still reigns. Not even this fall, which is not totally unexpected has brought gladiators in the party to a place of catharsis, where people who are favoured to have life after major failings reconstruct for future exploits. I even hear that some members, including the current chairman are toying with the idea of giving us a Newer PDP as if any party formed by these set of people will not transfer the same grave character flaws.

But for its import on the growth of democracy in Nigeria, we really should not bother ourselves with what happens to the PDP. The decision to self-destruct isn’t usually one in which outside intervention is necessary but we cannot allow the incoming APC grow wings on us and begin to ride us rough shod.

I do not believe that any set of politicians are better than another in Nigeria  as ours is a rent seeking society in which everyone is striving to have a bite of the  cake.  But even if they are better politicians, as far as they are human, the factors that brought the PDP to this sad pass may well bring APC down, hence the need for organized vigilance

The PDP needs to purge itself of that destructive pride that has gotten hold of it, take audit its activities over the past 16 years,  thank God for its successes, amend the ways that drove it to failure and  come together for the battle ahead.

The prideful hearts of those who run the PDP may see the next battle as due in 2019 elections but that would be the beginning of another round of failure. The battle is for the survival of democracy in Nigeria and it’s a long haul for which every hand must be on deck.  The real tragedy would be the inability of the PDP to get through this set back that it brought upon itself and get back on track for true nation building.


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