July 20, 2018

The truth behind OBJ and GEJ’s fight by Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

The truth behind OBJ and GEJ’s fight by Abiodun Kuforiji Nkwocha

I absolutely adore Baba Iyabo! I think his life is ‘rockstar’. While other septuagenarians shuffle closer to the grave, receding further into the dusty recesses of their minds, Baba Iyabo is a sharp as a needle and as lithe as a contortionist. Most grandfathers can only talk about how life was better in the 60s and how their kids and grandkids do not visit enough. But not Baba Iyabo. He writes books and letters that break the internet before newspapers hit the stands the next day. For some reason, he still matters.


Some people call him vindictive and vengeful because he seems bent on destroying Lucky’s 2nd (3rd?) term bid. They also claim that Baba Iyabo has selective amnesia or is getting senile; finding it easy to forget his very recent past while accusing Lucky of desperately clinging to power. I am not one of those people. I don’t say bad things about our leaders because we have always had stellar leaders; completely patriotic nation builders.

People should leave Saint Baba Iyabo alone! They just don’t get him! He has generously given his life to this nation; actively served as military head for almost 4 years and then as an elected president for 8 years. His passion for Nigeria dragged him reluctantly to vie for another 4 years but the enemies of progress foiled this plan. Even at that Baba Iyabo was not a man prone to depression. There are more ways of killing a cat than by choking it with cream. He decided to hand over the country to another equally passionate but terminally ill crony. But then we got Lucky; literally and figuratively speaking.

Lucky was a nice and very quiet guy. Baba Iyabo watched him carefully and fully expected to rule by proxy. What went wrong is debatable but that something went wrong is indisputable. I strongly suspect that Baba Iyabo was not given a free hand to demonstrate his love for our great nation. Lucky became bad luck. Saint Baba Iyabo watched while the constant electricity we liberally enjoyed when he was Oga disappear, he watched as his revenge baby EFCC became retarded. Everything Baba worked for all his life Lucky unraveled. To top it all, Lucky wanted another term legitimately. Saint Baba Iyabo could not keep quiet. Even if it meant handing over his beloved country to the feefles general whom he secretly detests, Nigeria has to be saved.

After all, why would Lucky be allowed to go for what he technically saw as a 3rd term when Lucky is not even as passionate as Baba Iyabo was for the country.

With time on his hands and a labyrinth of plots and ideas in his head, Baba Iyabo has hatched a plan. Nigeria will thank him later. And he would be around for a long time for us to do that.

Vampires last forever.


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