The unending genealogy of June 12 -Isidore Emeka Uzoatu

The unending genealogy of June 12 -Isidore Emeka Uzoatu

Other than October 1st in bittersweet memory of our independence from

British colonialism, we hungered another date even in mock remembrance

of umpteen forfeit of freedoms to muzzles of guns at our vulnerable

skulls by brothers in khaki and camouflage…


Till the dribbling, evil genius (from Ogbomoso, I hear, or elsewhere

other than he claims) gifted us one ,albeit in default, via one more

chinking run through the exposed vestiges of our flanks at the swift

trail of his eight-year-plus transition agenda…


When his benighted foreman (struck deaf if not dumb for very long

after) elected you the head cornerstone, much to the chagrin of the

gap-toothed messiah who annulled the election whole and entire, only

to step aside, setting up in his stead an interim government, a shack

hanging on indeterminable balances…


Till came and went the gale of his bespectacled majesty (the one with

matted hair and all though he claimed to come from Kano) and following

a rumoured diet of Indian apples served up in flagrante delicto,

kicked the bucket at the eve of his enthronement as emperor of the



Then it took a treated cup of tea administered in front of the high

and mighty for the avoidance of doubt, to send the mandated one to a

death died to set up a tribal equation that remained unbalanced till

the chicken farmer from the heart of the South West like him (though

fathered in default by a Southeastern monarch) was spirited out of

prison into which he was bundled for a misprision of treason and made



He it was that affixed the final nail on your coffin of state by

forcing on us a different date as ominous as it was ignominious, till

the return of that man from Daura (though in the throng that had

invaded from the Futa Jallon) and in a wave of political necessity,

they say, he has today enthroned you our proper Democracy Day!

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