The upside of the email newsletter

The upside of the email newsletter

The newsletter phenomenon has re-emerged, and it’s growing rapidly in the media space, forcing the blogging boom to share the stage with what many would consider a “throw-back” medium.

For most, the term “newsletter” likely does not go hand-in-hand with the world of high-tech communication. It’s a periodical for elementary schools and religious organizations, making clear details for PTA meetings and community bake sales, either haphazardly pasted into an email or meticulously crafted on some version of Microsoft Publisher with built-in clip-art and color schemes.

So, how is it, then, that the utilitarian and decidedly un-trendy newsletter became the medium of choice for some of the most popular and talked-about online publications for Millennials, and, as a concept in general, gained a surprising amount of steam as of late?

There are two major factors that make the concept of an email newsletter compelling against the frenzied backdrop of online media in 2015 – the milieu of bloggers and micro-bloggers and Reddit threads and comments-section fights and everything else that one must digest to be culturally literate during the Internet age.  Read more

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