October 18, 2018

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Theft of human parts at Kwara cemeteries on the rise

Theft of human parts at Kwara cemeteries on the rise

They are now being regularly violated no thanks to robbers and scavengers targeting bodies in graves for mutilation and theft of choice parts. The practice these days is a far cry from when, decades ago national attention was riveted by revelations that criminals invaded the grave of the late wife of a governor in the east.

Then, the grave yard vandals did not steal her body parts but helped themselves to the cash, expensive jewellery and clothing materials she was alleged to have been buried with. But the criminals and practitioners of rituals these days go for selected body parts such as genitalia, skulls, heart, liver and whatever else they may fancy in the decomposing body. But offensive as this seems, it is not new in some other parts of the world. Read more

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