March 22, 2019

Nigerians confess #ThingsWeDoForLove

Nigerians confess #ThingsWeDoForLove

Guys, have you seen what’s been trending lately? Since yesterday Nigerians have been pouring out their hearts and confessing online all the crazy, funny, and romantic things they have done and will do for love with #ThingsWeDoForLove.

Abeg, I no fit laugh…

Can you relate? Me sef, I’ve done some crazy things for love, like that one time when I sat through an entire Nollywood film just to please someone in my life…I almost died of boredom, sigh, #ThingsWeDoForLove.

Even celebs like Alibaba and Naeto C joined in on the conversation.

Guys, don’t be left out of the conversation, get on Twitter and Instagram, use the #ThingsWeDoForLove and share your amazing love confessions. Let’s hear the crazy, funny, romantic or most embarrassing things you have done or will do for love, especially in this Valentine love season!

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