March 20, 2019

This is how we live in the Jungle of Borneo by Tee

This is how we live in the Jungle of Borneo by Tee

I live in South East Asia, somewhere in Borneo and I have some unusual neighbors.

The weather is similar to that of Nigeria only a bit hotter, okay not a bit; it is so hot that it can fry your skin if you walk on the streets during the day.

Its vegetation is also similar and like I had said in an earlier article, our cultures are similar as well, but there is a clause and as you know, with me, everything has a clause.


One of the things I am going to live with for as long as I am here is the wildlife. I am not a fan of animals, even though I pretended to cry when the street dog, which was adopted by everyone living on my street, died, yes I did. I even considered adopting one of the puppies for my kids, but the hassle of taking care of the puppy put me off. You shouldn’t blame me; I have two toddlers and that’s a full time job.

Cats, I cannot stand at all, so never considered having one. Maybe it has to do with my African heritage of associating cats with witchcraft. I don’t know and I haven’t explored it but I do not like cats especially the black ones.

Okay, I think I have succeeded in convincing you that animals aren’t my thing, but ironically one of my neighbors happens to be a monkey who comes all the time and manages to bring along a delicious looking loaf of freshly baked bread.


Do not look at me; I have no idea how he gets the bread. Last I checked, there is no bakery near where I live.

I think the first word my son will utter would be monkey, as long as we continue living close to the jungle. Sometimes I get back home and I see moths as big as bats, in front of my door waiting for me to open the door so they can fly in and terrorize my entire family as they fly around the house looking for shelter.


Let me not even get started on the wall geckos that make funny noises at night when everyone is asleep, interrupting the peaceful sleep, and adding to the constant nightmares.

Or do you want to listen to my tales about monitor lizards which can grow as big as an alligator. I am told they are also very intelligent at least this particular breed found in Borneo.

I heard a story of a lady who heard a knock on her door and thinking it was her little ward she opened the door without checking first who was at the door, only to be visited by a monitor lizard which strolled in majestically, waddling like a pregnant woman, while the lady ran for dear life.

wall gecko

The law protects these monitor lizards, so they are well fed.

Back to the monkeys again, they are actually interesting to observe. They carry their little ones like humans do and they are smarter than we give them credit for. As always they are the ones that usually make use of the children’s trampolines, displacing the kids as they bounce up and down screaming with joy.

People have tried to scare them with rubber snakes but to no avail, they come usually to take a drink from swimming pools near by.

Tell me my kindred why am I stuck in this kind of jungle o?

Who knows maybe one day I would join the Oyibos and take a walk on the mountain or in the forest, maybe camping sef but believe me that would be after weeks of fasting and prayer.

Take care, while I return to my boring life in the jungles of Borneo.

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