This is the iPhone vs Android secret Google doesn’t want you to know

This is the iPhone vs Android secret Google doesn’t want you to know

It doesn’t get much more heated than iOS vs Android, but the world’s biggest mobile debate could soon be a redundant one if current adoption trends continue.


Recently released statistics from Apple reveal that an impressive 72% of iOS devices sold since 2014 are running iOS 12, while a further 21% are on iOS 11. Combined, that makes for 93% of iPhones and iPads (and iPod Touches, if you must) that are using an Apple OS designed in the last two years.



By way of contrast, Android distribution figures from October 2018 show that a worrying amount of devices are still on ageing versions of Google’s mobile OS.


The most prevalent version of Android is 2016’s Android Nougat, which (taking versions 7.0 and and 7.1 together) is running on over 28% of devices, followed by last year’s Android Oreo releases (8.0 and 8.1) at roughly 21%. This year’s Android Pie doesn’t even register in the stats.


Worryingly, though, 2015’s positively ancient Android 6.0 Marshmallow is still running on around 21% of devices, while the even older Android Lollipop from 2014 is on approximately 18% – the Apple equivalents are iOS 9 and iOS 8, to put into context how long-in-the-tooth these operating systems are. Read more

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