#ThisArtIsEnough CONCERT FULFILS PROMISE by Jite Efemuaye

#ThisArtIsEnough CONCERT FULFILS PROMISE by Jite Efemuaye

It was 7.00pm on Saturday December 6, 2014 and #ThisArtIsEnough concert just ended at Terra Kulture, VI, Lagos. The expressions on the faces of the attendees as they swarmed around the snacks table said it all. The conversations were full of words like, amazing, mind blowing, and some attendees took to twitter with the hashtag to share their experiences.

Lade (@deaduramilade) a student at the University of Lagos tweeted: I’m hearing Aduke for the first time. Why have I never heard her before? She’s awesome. #ThisArtIsEnough.

Afro neo-soul singer Aduke’s performance included crowd favourite, Made in Lagos which had the audience singing along to the ‘Bumper to Bumper’ chorus and earned her a standing ovation.

There were readings from several writers including Seun Salami, Bura-Bari Nwilo, Sylva Nze; poetry from Toni Kan, Dami Ajayi, Wana Udobang award-winning Tade Ipadeola. The themes were varied: sex, love, politics, relationships, religion, and history, to mention a few.

The event was hosted by an engaging trio: Oris Aigbokhaevbolo, Bukola Oye and Yvonne Anoruo. Stage veteran Nobert Young and singer Yinka Davies were part of the audience of art lovers.

Spoken word artist Efe Paul was a huge favourite at the concert.

Wanjeri (@mawazo_mengi) tweeted:  Efe Paul is so good. Lucky to listen to him a 3rd time. His “History is” poem is important, is truth. #ThisArtisEnough

While Muinat ‏@muimuiatunnise tweeted: @EFEPAUL I’m still chewing in your words. Profound and true. Nigeria needs to wake up real soon… #HistoryLikeNeverBefore #ThisArtIsEnough

Madhouse Dance crew led by Qudus Onikeku performed a contemporary dance piece which an attendee Rhunor Jim referred to as ‘a captivating ritual.’



Joy Isi Bewaji who put the event together said, “I am still basking in its success. The performances, the turnout was dizzying and surreal. It went way beyond my expectation. I got tons of congratulatory messages that bring me to tears. It’s been amazing; a lot of hard work but super-amazing. Next year will be bigger.” Her new collection of stories ‘What Pain May Bring’ and she had a smile and kind word for every copy she signed.

From dance to music to poetry to readings to comedy skits from Joy’s Eko Dialogues, performed by Crown Troupe of Africa that left the audience reeling with laughter; #ThisArtIsEnough fulfilled its promise and left attendees with topics to keep the art conversation going till the next event.

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