Thousand-year-old German church’s ‘Hitler bell’ will remain in place (Nbcnews)

Thousand-year-old German church’s ‘Hitler bell’ will remain in place (Nbcnews)

An infamous bell dedicated to Adolf Hitler could ring again after the town council in a small German village voted not to dismantle it.

The local council in Herxheim am Berg, a town of about 700 people north of Heidelberg, in southwest Germany, voted 10-3 Monday night to reject requests to remove the massive 83-year-old bronze bell at Kirche St. Jakobus, or the Church of St. Jacob, the regional newspaper Die Rheinpfalz reported.

The bell bears a swastika and the inscription “Alles fuer’s Vaterland — Adolf Hitler,” or “Everything for the Fatherland — Adolf Hitler.” After having hung in the church tower with little notice for decades, the bell has been the object of intense debate for almost a year after the church’s organist complained about it. Read more

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