July 20, 2018

Tips for travelling with seniors (Traveldudes.org)

Tips for travelling with seniors (Traveldudes.org)

Even the most devoted globetrotter now has to admit that some aspects of travel have become a hassle.

Inconveniences like the need to remove shoes and belts at security check points, the long lines to get through customs and immigration, and gates that change at the last minute are now par for the course rather than the exception.

Imagine then how daunting the prospect of getting on a plane must be for senior citizens.

Here Are a Few Tips to Help Make Things Easier For Senior Citizens:

Reserve wheelchair service with the airline

When you’re traveling with seniors, wheelchair service is always a good idea. It alleviates the need for them to walk long distances, and the special assistance they get helps them navigate the airport with ease. The added bonus is that they get to join the shortest lines in the immigration and customs halls, so if you’re along for the ride as their travel companion, you get cleared quickly too.

Book aisle seats for long flights

If the flying time is more than three hours, book your parents or grandparents in adjoining aisle seats. That allows them to get up to use the bathroom, stretch their legs, and walk around with the fewest restrictions.

Pack medication in convenient travel sizes, and keep them handy

If your loved ones are taking a combination of different medicines, it might be a challenge keeping all the tablets in order, so a pill organizer should become your new best friend. The cases come in convenient travel sizes, which makes it easy to stick them in a purse or a carry-on. It’s good to have them nearby if you happen to have flight delays or issues with lost luggage. Read more




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