Top 30 Business Websites In Nigeria

Top 30 Business Websites In Nigeria

In today’s world of business, good company websites have become important tools which are essential to have. In Nigeria, business owners who understand the immense benefits of good company websites are willing to spend millions of naira to get one. Unfortunately, not all Nigerian company websites are good.

Not only do they provide some credibility to businesses, they also serve as easy platforms through which customers can connect to companies and transact businesses. Here are the 30 biggest companies on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, examining and ranking their websites from worst to best.

Company rankings

30- Dangote Sugar Plc

Dangote Sugar may know how to make its customers’ lives sweeter, but the company does not know how to own and maintain a good website. This is because the company has the worst website out of all the thirty others featured on this list.

As a user, you are bound to fear for your online safety the moment you visit the site. This is because the warning signs are all there, telling you that “your connection is not private” because the website is not secure. As a result, you cannot see any information. Take a quick look and flee fast:

29- Diamond Bank Plc

We chose to rank Diamond Bank’s website as the second worst because, not only does it lack adequate security, connection to it is sometimes problematic. This is because the site times out often. Moreover, the site’s load speed is terrible.

Consequently, not only do customers use it at their own risk (seeing as their activities can be targeted by hackers), they also get frustrated whilst trying to use the site due to the slow load speed and constant loss of connection. See:

This is a bad image for a bank of Diamond Bank’s caliber, which prides itself as being very tech-compliant. There is no gainsaying the fact that those in charge of the bank’s IT Department should do better.

28- NASCON Plc

Like the rest of the Dangote Group companies, NASCON Plc’s website lacks security. The site is also slow, even as its outlook is ironically unappetizing. NASCON may be one of the most capitalized corporate entities on the NSE, but one thing it lacks is a good website. This needs to be resolved.

27-11 Plc

II Plc’s website is neither secure nor fast. It is also not beautiful to behold. It is, however, easy to use, with strategically located information. We rank it number 27 out of 30.

26- Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc

This company has one of the most elegant websites in Nigeria. But aesthetics is not the most important thing. Site security, which is important, is inadequate. This is bad because site security should be a priority, especially so for financial institutions. After all, customers put down sensitive information which can be targeted by cyber criminals.

Lastly, it should be noted that the loading speed of this company’s website is slow and undesirable. See for yourself:

25- International Breweries

Although International Brewery’s website loads fast, it lacks security. It is also not beautiful. As a matter of fact, it is too simplistic. The company can do better to market its many brews on the site.

24- Dangote Cement Plc

This company’s website is not secure. This is, perhaps not surprising, seeing as its ‘siblings’ aren’t secure either. Dangote Cement can also do well to improve on the site’s speed. Other than these, the site looks amazing.

23- Forte Oil

This company’s website is not secure. Pages also do not load fast enough. However, it has a beautiful and well-laid outlook.

22- Nigerian Breweries

This company’s website does not load fast. It is not secure. Also, the fact that visitors have to verify their ages before using the site is not very ‘cool’, despite the logic behind it. Come to think of it, are you old enough to view this site?

21- Transcorp Plc

Transcorp’s website falls short of a standard business website. As a matter of fact, it looks like a typical blog. It also lacks security, and its speed could do with some optimisation.

20- Okomu Oil Palm Plc

The website is not secure. Users risk exposing their personal information to hackers. Asides that, the load speed is relatively fair. It also has a good user interface.

19- Presco Plc

This company’s website is number 19 on our ranking, mainly because it is not secure. Other than that, everything else is in order. Dear Presco Plc, resolve this security issue soonest. This is important.

18- Nestle Nigeria Plc

This site is not fully protected. Its loading speed is relatively fair. Vital company information is also conspicuously located. However, the site is not so beautiful compared to the others.

17- Total Nigeria Plc

Total’s website is red and beautiful. But beyond the aesthetics, it is also a highly functional website. Loading speed is fast, and it is easy to navigate. Unfortunately, it is not a secure site.

16- Julius Berger

Julius Berger’s website is secure, load speed is fast, and very easy to navigate. But it is also too simple, to the extent that it can be mistaken for a private blog. We think the website can do with some lively colours and overall improved aesthetics.

15- Dangote Flour Mills Plc

This is a pleasant surprise. It is the only Dangote website that is secure and works relatively well. We are pleased and hope you are too! Take a look:

14- Union Bank Plc

Union Bank’s load speed is fast. User interface is also relatively good. But the site is rather too simple for a bank of that caliber.

13- Fidelity Bank Plc

This bank’s website looks amazing. It is also functional and secure. We sincerely like it, but there are others better than it; therefore, it is number 13 on our list.

12- PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc

This website is secure and fast-loading. Some vital information about the company is also well-positioned at the right places. It does not, however, have a chatbot.

11- Eco Bank Plc

The website is good-looking and safe to use. Its load speed is also relatively good, and there is a live chatbot to assist visitors.

10- Unilever Nigeria Plc

We rank Unilever’s website number ten because it is simple, yet loaded. It is also very easy to navigate, and well secure.

9- Guinness Nigeria Plc

Guinness’ website is secure, colourful, informative and easy to use. We love it and it is our ninth best company website in Nigeria.

8- Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc

This is a perfect business website. Not only does it have a great user interface, it is also safe to use and loads very fast. We love it!

7-Flour Mills Nigeria Plc

This is one of our favourites. It is simply a secure and functional site.

6- Access Bank Plc

This website is definitely one of the best in Nigeria. It is not only beautiful to behold and safe to use, it is also easy to use. A perfect business website!

5- FBN Holdings Plc

This is a good website, with all the necessary features and adequate speed. First Bank recently upgraded this website, which explains its improved functionality. However, the company may need to consider integrating a chat bot to this site.

4- Zenith Bank Plc

Zenith Bank has a fantastic website with good user interface and security to guaranty safety. We also love it.

3- Lafarge Africa Plc

Lafarge Africa does not only understand the importance of building houses with good cement, they also understand the need for a perfect business website. Little wonder their website is so ‘green’ and beautiful. You could just stare at it for the rest of your life!

Asides the beauty, the site is also highly functional. User interface is wonderful, and the load speed, fantastic. Above all, you can be assured of your security when you use this website.

2 – Guaranty Trust Bank Plc

It is a known fact that GTBank sets the pace and holds the ace when it comes to internet banking. It is, therefore, not surprising that the company has one of the best websites in the country.

The site is very elegant, functional and safe to use. It loads fast and navigation is easy. You can see for yourself why it is number one:

1- United Bank for Africa (UBA)

Without a doubt, UBA has one of the most functional websites in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, it is the best according to our ranking. This is a well-deserved position.

The website was recently upgraded, making it not just very aesthetic, but also highly functional and secure. More so, there is LEO, the chatbot, which assists you with whatever form of assistance you may need. Talk about the ultimate business website!

List culled from Nairametrics.


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