Top 7 Reasons Why Men Visit Prostitutes

Top 7 Reasons Why Men Visit Prostitutes

As a sequel to the article that outlined the reasons why prostitution will never stop, here are the seven reasons why some men patronise prostitutes which fortunately or unfortunately, has the ripple effect of keeping the industry alive.

  • Discretion

Some men just want to have sex without the whole world knowing their business. This is why some of them seek solace at the hands of these ladies of the night.

Some men also appreciate the secrecy that comes with patronising the woman of your choice in the red-light district.

  • Enjoys uncomplicated sex

Sex with a prostitute is just sex. Sex with a non-prostitute tends to come with baggage. If all you want is sex, then it makes sense to not have to carry the baggage, great or small, that a non-prostitute entails.

  • Emotional well-being

Men who see prostitutes for reasons other than just sex — and there are many — are looking for conversational partners who are non-judgmental.

Even if the prostitute is lying for commercial purposes, she is not there assessing whether you’d be a fit father for her potential children or whether she wants to be seen with you in public.

  • Retail therapy

Some men enjoy expensive brands, luxury, etc. They might not have an appreciation for what the universe offers them freely (i.e. the “long lists of beautiful women who would have sex with them voluntarily”). When hiring a prostitute, the monetary exchange might act as an aphrodisiac itself.

  • Controlling the experience

The way that encounters with prostitutes work is that the whole experience can be directed and controlled by the user to be tailored to their individual needs and fantasies.

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It isn’t about making love or considering the physical and emotional needs of anyone else any more; it’s just about selfish sex, and some men are unfortunately wired to enjoy this without any conscious thought for their partners.

  • High libido

Some men are blessed (or cursed) with such ravenous libido that any relationship they venture into eventually crashes owing to cheating because the woman can’t match up with the guy’s libido.

Some of these men eventually seek solace with prostitutes where they are free to do their business for any number of times they want insofar they are buoyant enough for the transactions.

  • Experimenting

There is no denying the fact that a lot of men harbour weird sexual fetishes and fantasies they can’t dare voice out to their partners.

The welcoming hands of prostitutes are often the last refuge for any such man who is driven enough to want to act out his sexual fantasies.



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