Top actors gear up for Girls for Sale (Punch)

Top actors gear up for Girls for Sale (Punch)

Screen delights that include Ashionye Raccah, Sambasa Nzeribe, Kiki Omeili, Paul Utomi and Tony are expected to play roles in a new movie titled Girls for Sale.

The film is coming from the producer of  ‘Whose Meal Ticket’, Kehinde Omoru, who is carving a niche for herself as an edutainment film producer.

While Whose Meal Ticket talks about diabetes and active charcoal, this new movie project focuses on adolescence and the delicate development of a teenager’s emotional, sexual and body images.

The movie is part of Omoru’s contribution to the welfare of the girl child through her advocacy outfit, Roxanne Care Options, in partnership with Opa Williams Studios. Read more

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