Transparency International Insists Corruption In Nigeria Is Getting Worse With Facts

Transparency International Insists Corruption In Nigeria Is Getting Worse With Facts

Just recently, Transparency International published the corruption quotient of nation’s across the world, and took Nigeria 10 steps up the list, implying that the country’s state of corruption has gotten worse over time.

A statement released to that effect said, “Anybody who knows where Nigeria was coming from would not believe that corruption is worse under the Buhari administration.

“We wonder where they got their facts from. At a time, they are alleging increase in the incidence of corruption under this government, the whole of Africa is applauding by choosing President Buhari as the continental Champion to lead the fight against it. Nothing can be more eloquent than this.

“In the end, this whole episode may turn out to be just a political distraction, given the strong views some of TI’s patrons have expressed against the Buhari administration.

“This notwithstanding, facts are facts, and those facts won’t cease to be facts even if you don’t care to pay attention to them.”

In response to that, Transparency International (TI) has released all facts to defend its ratings and assertion that corruption is getting worse in Nigeria.

In a tweet thread, the global corruption watchdog explained that 9 sources were used to arrive at Nigeria’s score of 27/100 in the Corruption Perception Index 2017. This score puts the country as the 148 most corruption of 180 countries surveyed across the globe (a 12 place drop from 2016 ranking).

All the sources rated Nigeria low in the year under review. This, thus, affected the final rating of the country in 2017 by TI.

These nine sources are World Bank, African Development Bank, The Economic Intelligence Unit of the Economist, World Economic Forum, World Justice Project, V-Dem Institute, the PRS Group, Bertelsmann Transformation index and Global Risk Insight.

The Nigerian government said 2017 CPI contracts obtainable facts as regards anti-corruption drive of the country. The report was summarily called a mere fiction and political distraction.

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