August 17, 2018

Why You Should Treat Your Mother Like A Goddess

Why You Should Treat Your Mother Like A Goddess
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For me, the month of May represents a month-long celebration. My mother tells me I was born on Mother’s Day, but my birthday doesn’t always fall on the first Sunday in May.
Whether your mother is alive or has passed, or whether you have or had a positive or challenging relationship with her, I believe it’s important to honor the woman who gave you life— the woman you were connected to through an umbilical cord.


Like me, my mother was an only child, but our lives took completely different paths. She was born in Austria and emigrated to the United States when she was seven. She still maintained and passed along to me many European sensibilities, such as the importance of education and dressing well. She also instilled in me a passion for reading and writing by taking me on weekly trips to the local library in the days when there were more libraries than bookstores. I will be forever grateful for that gift. Read more

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