March 21, 2019

Trendy Nigerian Hairstyles

Trendy Nigerian Hairstyles

These Nigerian hairstyles seem to be fading away with the advent of modernisation and westernisation in form of weave extensions, nevertheless the older trends are back in sleeker versions. Nigerian hairstyles are specific, extraordinary, and sometimes pretty elaborate.

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Hairstyle, for Nigerian women, is much more than self-perception. It is a medium of self-expression and helps to build confidence among their folks. Recently recognized in the foreign scenes these styles have become a source of income to the hairstylists and a fashion trend. In choosing hairstyles the following should be considered.


How long it would take to make the hair, the hairstyle that fits the specific face structure, as well as the texture of the hair. Whether curled up, relaxed or braided Nigerian women are no doubt stylish with their hairstyles.

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Afro-textured hair is the natural hair texture of certain populations in Africa. It is very common to see lots of women and men with afro on their head.


Weave on are hair extensions used by women, especially black women in the world over. They’re often installed by weaving them into the hair or gluing them to the hair from the track. When a weave is installed correctly, it looks beautiful and very natural.


They take their origin from the ancient period and are still loved by lots of fashionistas who love to be the centre of attention.It really protects your hair and keeps it sleek and healthy!



Ghana weaving is a unique style that frames your face just perfect, there’s something about this style that says effortless-rich-African! The rows when done sit perfectly aligned and pop against your face and works with just about any style you choose to wear.They are versatile, neat, and fashionable, while also preserving the original African spirit. There always were lots of different Ghana weaving types, and every person can choose the hairstyle that suits her personality.



Locs are a great protective style that allows wearers to change up their look and give their natural hair a break. For those who are thinking about locking their natural hair, faux locs can be a great way to get an idea of what their hair will look like once the process is complete.


Wool and hair fibres grow on animals and are known as an animal or protein fibre. … used by man, and one of the first to be used to be made into woven fabrics. This Nigerian hairstyle is rocked by every woman that loves her hair and loves to trend.


A woman’s hair they say is her crown, Nigerian hairstyles may seem elaborate but the women love to experiment and wear their hair with style.

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