Tribal Mark Lady Gets Rihanna’s Attention

Tribal Mark Lady Gets Rihanna’s Attention

On the 8th day, Adetutu’s wish was finally granted and she got Rihanna’s attention after she proposed for the opportunity to become an international model.

The lady identified as Adetutu O.J went on the Instagram last week and was determined to become a model for prominent Barbadian-born American singer Rihanna. The tribal marked lady who has been through onerous times in her life finally achieved her desire when she caught the attention of the musician earlier today.

Prior to trending on the internet, Adetutu described the hardship she faced from people around her at a tender age. You can see her tweets on the desperation to work with the musician below as she is driving closer to earning what she dreamed about:

After several days on the internet and continuous support from her followers on her social media account, she initially got a follow back earlier today and she is on the verge of becoming a mainstream supermodel like Tyra Banks.

See the confirmation of Rihanna’s follow back below:

Indeed, anything and everything is possible, keep pushing and persistently believe in your own abilities and personality. Adetutu is fast becoming a prominent personality in the world simply because of her tweet and the desire she harnesses to becoming an international model.

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