Tribeswomen reject civilization, escape back to forest

Tribeswomen reject civilization, escape back to forest

In December 2014, three “non-contacted” Amazon tribespeople – a young man, his mother and an elder female relative — were led out of the forest they had lived in their whole lives and taken to a village.

A year and a half later, in an extraordinary twist, the two women have escaped back to the forest — taking just an ax, a machete and their pet birds. They left clothes they had been wearing strewn on a path — and their escape left a very clear message.

We don’t want your civilization. Instead, we choose our ancient way of life. “It was a rejection,” said Rosana Diniz, a coordinator for the Indigenous Missionary Council, a nonprofit group connected to Brazil’s Bishops, who has worked with the women’s tribe, called the Awá, for nearly 20 years. Read more

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