March 25, 2019

Truck Attack Kills 80 in Nice, France on Bastille Day

Truck Attack Kills 80 in Nice, France on Bastille Day

The Bastille Day fireworks had just ended above the waters of the Mediterranean and the broad Promenade des Anglais of Nice was full of spectators, thousands of them, when the killing began.

The instrument of death: a large white truck with a crazed driver aboard, plowing through traffic barriers, then zigzagging through the crowd on the broad walkway. Scores of people lost their lives, scores more were injured, before it was stopped.

There was no doubt the murderous rampage was intentional, even though the connections of those responsible were not immediately clear. If, as many suspected in a country that has been hit by horrific terrorist attacks since January last year, jihadists from the so-called Islamic State are involved, no one would be surprised. Various jihadist groups have long had a foothold in some of the immigrant neighborhoods on the fringes of the famous port and resort town. Read more

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