True Confession: ‘After training my girlfriend in school, she does not want to marry me’

True Confession: ‘After training my girlfriend in school, she does not want to marry me’

“Dear Editor,

My name is Eze, a 45-year-old businessman living in Lagos. I am not a happy man at the moment because the only woman I ever loved and did everything for including training her through the university says she can’t marry me now.

I love Adanne so much and my life revolves around her but she has decided to back me back with evil by saying she can’t bring herself down to marry an illiterate, forgetting that I was the person who made her what she is today.

I had to leave my village after my primary school because my parents could not afford to send me to secondary school and I became an apprentice to a kinsman who was in the spare parts trade.

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After serving my master for 10 years, I gained my freedom and my boss settled me fully, helping me to set up my own spare parts business.

While my friends and fellow apprentices were indulging themselves with women, I had decided early in life that I was going to concentrate on my business, so for many years, I decided against any pleasure while I face my business.

So, over the years, I built up my business to be a huge success and was able to expand my coast into importation and being a distributor for big companies within and outside the country.

Because of my lack of education and my desire to give my children the best in that area, I had vowed never to marry an illiterate woman like myself.

It was this resolve that made me agree to send Adanne to school with the understanding that we would get married once she was through. Adanne is from my village and it was actually my parents that chose her for me, having watched her grow to be a very obedient and homely girl.

She was also very brilliant but after managing to finish her secondary school, her parents wanted her to learn a trade because they did not have the means to send her to the university.

But since both parents had agreed that we would get married, I insisted on her getting a university education before the marriage. How I wish I had listened to my parents and friends.

We did the Igba Nkwu after she gained admission into a university in the east and I made sure she resumed like a princess. I bought a car for her, rented a two-bedroom apartment for her and furnished it to taste. I did not want her to suffer while in school.

I visited her once in a while and made sure she did not lack anything. I also brought her younger brother to learn my business, gave her parents money to start a small business and renovated their dilapidated house.

Adanne began showing her true colours in her final year in the university when she began rejecting my calls, giving one excuse or the other why I should not visit her in school and on her graduation, she told me I should not bother coming.

But the last straw was when I learnt from her best friend that Adanne had concluded plans to travel out to meet her fiance who lives in South Africa and that she had often said she could not marry an illiterate like me.

I travelled home to find out the truth and to my surprise, I found out that Adanne had already travelled.

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When I confronted her parents, her elder brother told me plainly that Adanne told them I was an illiterate and a local man and she could not marry me. They also told me that her new husband has promised to refund all that I spent on her.

I am devastated but though my family and friends say I should leave everything in God’s hands, I have vowed to make sure Adanne, her so-called husband and her family suffer for this injustice done to me.


Dear readers, Eze’s story is very pathetic and he needs your advice on how to tackle this issue. So on True Cofession today, we ask: what do you think he should do to Adanne and her family?

What would you do if a girl you sponsored through university dumps you for another man?

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