True Confession: ‘Can I ever forgive my mother for lying to me?’

True Confession: ‘Can I ever forgive my mother for lying to me?’

“Dear Editor,
My name is Ekene, an 18-year-old man. I am in a serious dilemma at the moment because I have been living a lie all my life and I don’t know if I can ever forgive my mother for lying to me.
The reason for this is that I just found out that the man I grew up knowing as my father has turned out not be my biological father and my mother had hidden all this from me till now.
All my life, I have come to know one man as my father but recently, I found out that the man I have called daddy all my life is not my father but my mother’s longtime lover and that I have been living a lie all through.

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And as I got to know, they were even married, only living together as common law lovers.
The whole truth came when I had an issue with one of my aunt’s who has been in a lifelong bickering with my mother. We had gone home for a relation’s burial and in the course of the festivities, I got into a quarrel with a cousin, my aunt’s second son who is my age mate.
My cousin had beaten my younger sister and when she reported to me, I had to fight him and when his mother got to know, she came at me, calling me all sorts of names.
I would have kept quiet all through the insults but when she insulted my mother, I had to give it back to her. And that was when she told me that I was a bastard who did not know who my father is.
When she called me a bastard whose mother was a prostitute, I warned her never to insult my mother but she went on to say that I should ask my mother who my real father was as the man I call a father was not my real father.
I was so mad that I could have beaten her up if not that some other relatives gathered around to restrain me while other rebuked her for saying all she said.
But the seed had been planted in me and I made a mental note to ask my mother who my real father was.
I managed to keep myself together till we got back to Lagos and I asked mum who my real father was. At first, she dismissed me by telling me that my aunt was just being silly to say those things to me.
But I was not satisfied with her explanation and I told her so but I made her understand that I will never give her any peace if she did not tell me who my real father was.
For two weeks, I gave my mother hell till she could no longer take it again and opened up to me that my real father was her childhood boyfriend who got her pregnant when she was in secondary school but denied the pregnancy.
The man, she told me, later traveled out of the country and no one has ever heard from him again.

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She begged me to accept the man I now call my father but I was devastated with the revelation.
I have been so sad and angry with her for lying to me for 18 years and I don’t know how I can ever forgive her for that.
What do I do?
Dear readers, Ekene is in a very serious dilemma at the moment and needs your advice. So after going through his story on True Confession today, what do you think he should do?

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