March 22, 2019

True Confession: ‘Help: I am pregnant for my madam’s husband’

True Confession: ‘Help: I am pregnant for my madam’s husband’

“Dear Editor,

My name is Glory, a 21-year-old housemaid currently pregnant for my madam’s husband and I don’t know what to do about it as the man has insisted I keep the baby.

I got this job through an agent after I had worked for some families in the past with all of them failing to fulfill their promises of either sending me back to school or helping me to learn a trade.

But my present employers have been very nice to me with my madam taking me as her sister and making sure I never lacked anything.

My madam and her husband have everything money can buy but have been looking for a child for many years.

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After one month in their house in the Lekki area of Lagos, my madam registered me as an apprentice at a fashion institute and also assured that she will send me back to school once I sit for GCE and JAMB.

My madam is one of the nicest persons I have ever encountered as she took me as a younger sister. In fact, she made my life so comfortable that many people think I am her sister.

She does not discriminate against me and makes sure I do not feel like a stranger. Whenever she travels abroad, she buys me so many things and when I travel to see my parents, she would give me clothes and cash for my family.

But the snag here is that for two years now, her husband has been sleeping with me. It started as a rape when he forcefully had sex with me. After the first time, he gave me a lot of money and said I should never tell my madam.

Since then, he has continued to sleep with me and whenever I refused, he would threaten to send me packing.

When I realized I was pregnant and told him about it, he was so happy and asked me to keep the baby, promising to rent an apartment for me and open a business for me. He also promised to marry me when I give birth.

Now, my problem is how my madam will feel when she gets to know that I am pregnant for her husband. I know she will be highly disappointed in me but I also have my life to think of.

I know my master will change my life and that of my family and I would put an end to my life of slavery but my major headache is how to confront my madam and moving from her housemaid to her co-wife.

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I have confided in a close friend who advised I should keep quiet about it but my conscience tells me to confess to madam and beg for her forgiveness.

Another friend said I should quietly abort the baby and tell my madam’s husband that I had a miscarriage?

I am seriously confused and do not know what to do.


Dear readers, Glory has been caught between the rock and a hard place and on True Confession today, we want you to tell her what to do.

What do you think Glory should do in this situation?

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