March 23, 2019

True Confession: ‘Help: My husband takes delight in raping me’

True Confession: ‘Help: My husband takes delight in raping me’

“Dear Editor,
My name is Joy, a 34-year-old married woman with two lovely kids and they are all I am living for because I do not have joy in my marriage because my husband takes delight in beating and raping me.
Tunde and I got married 10 years ago after dating for two years and I must confess that the period we dated were the best years of our relationship as Tunde was the kind of man any woman will ever want to get married to.
I met Tunde after my boyfriend of five years dumped me for another woman and I was devastated but Tunde came into my life and made me saw reasons to love and trust again.

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He was very caring, loving, kind, patient and generous and within a short period of dating him, I fell madly in love with him and when he proposed marriage, there was no reason for me to hesitate before accepting to marry him.
I had a dream marriage where we would live happily ever after but two years after we got married, the beast in Tunde manifested and I saw the other side of him that I have been bearing all these years.
It all started as a joke and I guess I should have cried out then. But now, Tunde has taken pleasure in beating and raping me at will.
In fact, for him, sex is no sex without the use of force and I often wonder how a once loving man could turn out to become such a sadist.
I remember the first day he raped me vividly and the scar is etched in my mind till this day. I was two months pregnant with our first child when he came home at about 2 am very drunk.
I was already asleep when he stumbled into the bedroom and ordered that I should serve him his food. I knew he was drunk and did not want any quarrel, so I got up and was on my way to the kitchen when he called me back and said he did not want the food again.
I asked him what he wanted and he told me he wanted to have sex. Being so tired, I told him he should wait till the day broke but before I could say more, he pounced on me, tore my clothes, slapping me severally, threw me on the bed and raped me.
When he was done, I had bruises in my private parts but Tunde was past caring as he rolled off me and promptly slept off.
I cried myself to sleep and prayed it was a one-off incident induced by the drinks he had. But I was wrong because the next night, he came back drunk again.
He repeated the same treatment but this time, he held my neck and was almost choking me to death while he pumped furiously into me. I cried all through the ordeal but he was past caring. When he was done, he looked happy with himself.

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And since then, Tunde has turned me into a sex object to be beaten and raped at will. I have not been able to tell anyone about what I have been going through in the hands of my husband.
It seems he will never stop and I have had enough and want to get a divorce but the thought of my two young children keep holding me back.
I need help, please.
Dear readers, Joy is in a quagmire at the moment and she needs your advice. So after going through her ordeals on True Confession today, what do you think she should do?

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