True Confession: ‘How do I tell my husband that 2 of our children are not his?’

True Confession: ‘How do I tell my husband that 2 of our children are not his?’

“Dear Editor,
My name is Nkem, a 34-year-old mother of four lovely kids. I have been married for 10 years but I fear my marriage may crash soon if my husband, Leo, finds out that two of the children do not belong to him.

Before I got married to Leo, I was madly in love with Basil but because of something in his family, my parents would never agree to us getting married. Though they did not tell me what the issue was, I later learned that their family and mine had always been at loggerheads and as such, marriage was forbidden.

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I was devastated when I was told I could not marry the man I loved but I had to accept my fate and move on. I later got married to Leo but I could not get Basil out my system and it was natural that when we met again after five years, the sparked were still there and one thing led to the other and we started having sex again.
Two months later, I became pregnant and I knew immediately that Basil was responsible but naturally as a married woman, I had to push the pregnancy to my husband. After I put to bed, I continued sleeping with Basil and I got pregnant again, meaning that my last two children belong to him.
Now the problem is that Basil has been on my neck to hand over the kids to him as he cannot bear to see another man raise his kids.
I have been begging him not to put me in this situation but Basil has been unrelenting. He has given me three months to hand over the children to him or he will have to involve the police and do a DNA a test.
I know the kids belong to him and I will be put to shame and sent packing from my home if the truth comes to light.

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I have aged greatly in the past two months and I am developing high blood pressure due to the trouble in my heart.
What do I do now? How do I tell Leo that the two children are not his?
Dear readers, Nkem is in serious trouble and needs help from you. So after going through her plight on True Confession today, what do you think she should do?

What do you think Nkem should do in this situation?

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