March 18, 2019

True Confession: ‘My brother-in-law is blackmailing me sexually’

True Confession: ‘My brother-in-law is blackmailing me sexually’

“Dear Editor,
My name is Jessica, a 28-year-old married mother of two. I have been married to Osondu for six years now but at the moment, I am in serious trouble as his elder brother, Tony, is sexually blackmailing me.

I know I put myself in the situation that he capitalized to have a hold over me but he has taken the advantages he has over me too far and I don’t know how long I can cope with what he has been doing for me.
Tony is one of those never-do-wells and loafers who believe that because their brothers are rich, then they do not have to work as they will be spoon-fed by the rich siblings.

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And to make the matter worse, Tony is over eight years older that Osondu but he believes it is his right for my husband to take care of him not minding the age gap between them.
He lives with us, eat the food I cook and now wants to share me with my husband not minding the abomination his action is breeding.
I said that I put myself in the situation that Tony took advantage of and I totally regret it today coupled with his actions afterward.
I don’t know what got into me when my ex-boyfriend, Ndubuisi who had been in South Africa for over 10 years, came back and called that he wanted to see me. I was also eager to see Ndu though I never thought the meeting would lead to me sleeping with him.
But it did.
Till date, I cannot say how Tony got to know about me and Ndu but I was shocked when I came out of the hotel he lodged one day only to find Tony sitting in the reception, apparently waiting for me.
When I saw him, I prayed he did not see me and tried to sneak past him but he stood up and blocked my way to make sure I saw him and that he saw me.
I don’t know how I managed to get home that day. When Tony came back later, he called me to his room and told me in a clear tone that he knew that I had gone to the hotel to have sex with Ndu and that if I wanted him to keep quiet about it, then he too would have to have sex with me.
I was taken aback at his demand and pleaded with him to spare me but he refused. I promised to give him a huge amount of money but Tony would not budge. He maintained that if I refused to sleep with him, he would tell Osondu and that would mean the end of my marriage.
He gave me two days to make up my mind or he would open up to his brother. I thought and thought about Tony’s wicked proposition and seeing no way out, I had to agree to sleep with him, thinking that would end the whole sordid episode.

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But little did I know that he would not be satisfied with that one time. Now, he wants to sleep with me almost everyday not minding the fact that I am legally married to his own younger brother.
I have had enough but I don’t know what to do. What do I do to put a stop to this sexual blackmail by my brother-in-law?
Dear readers, after going through Jessica’s plight on True Confession today, What do you think she should do to put a stop to this sexual blackmail from her brother-in-law?

What should Jessica do to stop Tony from exploiting her sexually?

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