True Confession: ‘My dead husband’s ghost has refused to let me live my life’

True Confession: ‘My dead husband’s ghost has refused to let me live my life’

“Dear Editor,
My name is Lucy, a 27-year-old widow. I was married to Ikem for two years before he died in a ghastly motor accident and since then, his ghost has refused to let me live my life or move on.

Before now, I was never one to believe in the existence of ghosts but with what I have been going through, I am forced to believe in not only their existence but in the fact that they live with us.

I met Ikem at a friend’s wedding and though our was not love at first sight, it developed gradually and after about six months, I fell madly in love with him and when he proposed to me, I did not hesitate before accepting to marry him.

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Before he proposed, Ikem had done everything to prove his love for me and was the best any woman could dream of. He was caring, loving and bessotted on me.

In fact, I was the envy of many of my friends who kept praying that God should give them a man with Ikem’s qualities.

He would bend over backwards to make me hapy and fulfilled. He went out of his way to show me so much love and care.

Anytime I fell sick, Ikem would do practically everything for me including washing my underwears. He was so nice that I often pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming.

But two years after our marriage and while still praying for a fruit of the womb, death snatched Ikem from me.
He had to travel to Enugu on an official assignment but somewhere on the Benin/Ore Expressway, the vehicle he was in had a head-on colission with a trailer and everyone in the bus died on the spot.

I was expecting him to call me when he got to his destination but the call I had was from an official of the Federal Road Safety Corps telling me my husband was involved in an accident.

The official who called only said I or any member of his family should come to the University of Benin Teaching Hospital and refused to answer any further query from me.

I called Ikem’s cousin who was in Lagos and together, we went off to Benin that same day where I was confronted with the most devastating news of my entire life.

My husband, my love and my hero had died on the spot of the accident.
My world came crumbling before my very own eyes on hearing the news. I fainted and came back to life after spending five days in the hospital.

After Ikem’s burial, I mourned him for one year as custom demands and after the mourning period, I decided to move on with my life but that has been very difficult because his ghost has refused to let me be.

He appears to me at all times, even in the daytime, with tears and blood dripping from his eyes, telling me how much he loves me and how lonely he is wherever he is.

Most nights, he would appear in my dreams and make love to me and when I wake up, it would be so real as semen would be dripping out of my private parts.

Anytime I try to get into any relationship, Ikem would appear in the dream begging me never to leave him for another man.

He has made life unbearable for me all these years. Now, men run from me and even my family members think I am mad and are planning to take me into a mental home.

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I have visited many churches and even native doctors with all of them saying the same thing: that my late husband’s ghost has been the one tormenting me.

I am now a replica of my former self. I want my late husband to allow me to live my life in peace but it seems the more I seek help, the more intensity his torments become.

Dear readers, Lucy is really in a very serious dilemma and needs help. After going through her story on True Confession today, what do you think she should do?

Isaac Dachen Editor
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