March 20, 2019

True Confession: ‘My wife left me when I was down, now she wants to come back’

True Confession: ‘My wife left me when I was down, now she wants to come back’
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Dear Editor,
My name is Ekene, a 48-year-old man living in Lagos. I am, or should I say, I have been married for 15 years before my wife, Ogechi, left me three years ago when I fell into bad times and refused to assist in taking care of our five children.
I was 33-years-old when I got married and by then, I was just starting out in my spare-parts business after I had served my master as an apprentice for seven years and at the end of my apprenticeship, he set me up in the business.
I was very diligent in my business and wanted to make a name for myself and within five years, my business had flourished to the extent that I had three shops in Lagos, and five spread across Onitsha, Aba, Port Harcourt and my hometown of Nnewi.

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My family then felt I should get married and start a family of my own and that was how I got married to Ogechi, a young girl from a neighbouring village. I opened a business for her because I did not like the idea of my wife being a full-time housewife.
We had our children in quick succession and settled down to what I thought would be a happy home. I built two houses in Lagos and one in my village and things could not have been better.
But five years ago, I had the misfortune of getting myself involved in a business which I thought would bring me great returns. I borrowed heavily from my bank and used my houses as collaterals with the thought that the business was genuine and nothing would happen to my properties.
But at the end of the day, I was duped and lost everything to the fraudsters. The bank swooped in on me and took over my houses and other properties I had used as collaterals.
Within a year, I had moved from a thriving businessman to practically a beggar. I sold my cars and other personal belongings to take care of my family and pay my children’s school fees. If I thought I could depend on my wife, for the time being, I was mistaken because Ogechi became something else.
She was always complaining about my inability to take care of my responsibilities. She would flare up anytime she asked for money and I could afford it. Then she began denying me food and sex.
It got to a point that I had to report her to our town union and all efforts to make her see reasons and bear with me fell on deaf ears. She started coming home late from her shop and anytime I complained, she would pick up a fight with me.
Then one day, I got back home to meet the surprise of my life. Ogechi had packed out of our apartment leaving the children behind. When I called her to find out what was wrong, she gave me the insult of my life and told me she was not born to suffer and that she would never come back to me.
Fast forward to five years later after God had smiled on me and some friends donated money for me to inject in my business. God answered my prayers and one year later, things picked up and I bounced back bigger than I used to be.
Now Ogechi wants to come back because things have changed. She has been bombarding me with calls, sending people to beg me for forgiveness saying she was misled.
I am in a dilemma as some of my friends and our church members want me to forgive her and see what happened as a test of my faith in God.

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But how can I ever forgive and take back such a woman? How do I know she would not abandon me again if things go bad? Our children have been also begging that I accept her apologies and take her back.
What do I do in this situation?
Dear readers, after going through Ekene’s dilemma on True Confession today, what would be your advice to him?

Would you forgive and take back Ogechi if you were in Ekene's shoes?

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