True Confession: ‘My wife told me our 4 children do not belong to me’

True Confession: ‘My wife told me our 4 children do not belong to me’

“Dear Editor,
My name is Francis. I am a 48-year-old man and I have been married for 20 years now with four children, or so I thought, until my wife, Edima, gave me the shock of my life when she announced that those children are not mine.
I have been devastated since she made the disclosure two months ago and I have watched as my world has crumbled and I have nothing to live for any longer. I have contemplated committing suicide, divorcing her, killing her or even running away but at the end of the day, I have to seek the opinion of your readers.

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I was shocked to my bone marrows when Edima told me she had a confession to make to me some days after she said she had given her life to Jesus Christ during a church program her friend invited her to.
I did know the magnitude of her so-called confession until our pastor and two church elders came to our house that Saturday morning and said they had something to discuss with us. I took them into the study away from the children when I sense that whatever they wanted to discuss was rather serious.
When we got into the study, the pastor said a short prayer and started preaching about forgiveness and the need for me to take whatever my wife has to tell me in good faith and forgive her especially now that God has forgiven her.
After he was done, another church elder took up the mantle and also spoke on the need for couples to forgive one another no matter the situation.
After that, Edima started by telling me how sorry she was and that I should find a place to forgive her for hurting me so badly.
I was at a loss but urged her to tell me what it was and she that was when she told me that all the time we have been married, she was seeing and sleeping with different men. Then she dropped the bomb by telling me that none of the four children I thought were mine actually belonged to me.

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She said they belong to two of her lovers and that the men were now insisting on claiming the children.
I must have passed out on hearing that because I only came to when I heard screams and water was being poured on me. Till this day, only God knows how I managed to keep my hands away from strangling Edima after she made her life-shattering confession.
Since that day, I have not been myself. I don’t know how to handle this issue but one thing I am sure of is that no one will take the children from me. I am ready to go to any length to protect them.
Dear readers, after reading Francis’s story on True Confession today, how do you think he should handle this very troubling issue?

What should Francis do in this situation he has found himself in?

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