True Confession: Should I tell my father that mum is having an affair with his friend?

True Confession: Should I tell my father that mum is having an affair with his friend?

“Dear Editor,

My name is Celia, a 22-year-old lady. I have just graduated from university and I am waiting for my NYSC posting.

I am the kind of lady you would call a daddy’s girl because I have been very close to my father since I was a little girl.

I love him so much and he is my hero, though this does not mean that I love my mother less, but the truth is that we have not been that close.

I know that my father has not been a very happy man and he always tells me that mother cheated on him serially but because of the kids and his position in the church, he would never contemplate a divorce.

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I never believed that my mother, a woman in her 50s, would be sleeping around until I caught her red-handed with dad’s best friend, having sex in their matrimonial home.

Dad had travelled to the village and there was no one in the house apart from mum, the maid and myself.

My two siblings are all in school, so the coast was quite clear for her. On the day I caught her, I had gone to visit my boyfriend who had come to Lagos and was lodging in a hotel in town.

I had planned to spend the night with him and had told mum that I was not coming back home that night.

But at about 8 pm, my boyfriend and I got into a fight and I decided that I was going home because I was very angry with him.

Despite his pleas that I stayed the night, I left for home. I got home at about 10 pm. I notice that something was wrong because Mary, the maid, was not very comfortable when I asked her where mum was.

In truth, I never suspected anything, so I went straight to her room to check if she was in but on opening the door, I met the shock of my life.

Dad’s best friend, a man I had come to call Uncle all my life, was on top of my mother, having sex with her.

I was so shocked that I screamed and ran to my room. Later, she came to my room but I had locked the door and despite her knocks and pleas that I should open the door, I told her I did not want her near me.

She begged and begged but I stormed out of the house and went to spend the night with a friend.

In the morning when I went back home, mum continued to plead with me that I should not tell dad about what I saw.

When dad came back that weekend, he knew there was something wrong because he immediately noticed the frosty relationship between me and mom.

He must have noticed that I have a burden in my heart and when he asked what the problem was, I told him I was having issues with my boyfriend.

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I have not been able to forgive mom even though she has tried everything to make me do so, neither have I had peace in my heart as I get tempted every time to tell dad.

This secret is eating me up and I don’t know what to do.


Dear readers, on True Confession today, we want you to put yourself in Celia’s shoes and tell her what you would do if you were her.

Would you tell your dad that you caught your mum having sex with another man on their matrimonial bed?

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