March 23, 2019

True Confession: ‘The spirit of my late boyfriend is haunting me after our blood vow’

True Confession: ‘The spirit of my late boyfriend is haunting me after our blood vow’

“Dear Editor,

My name is Rita and as I write this, my life is in grave danger and if nothing is done on time, I could either run mad or end up committing suicide all because of a silly thing I did when I thought I was in love with my late boyfriend.

I know you will say I used my hand to dig my grave and allowed love to becloud my sense of reasoning but how was I to know that it would end up this way?

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I met Segun about three years ago and we fell madly in love. He was my first love and everything I did was to see that he was happy at all times. He was the first man to make love to me and with that, I knew there would be no one else for me.

We were so much in love and my life revolved around him. I did everything to please him and even when he suggested that we took a blood vow so as to bind us together till death, I could not refuse for fear that he could leave me.

He had threatened to dump me if I refused to do the vow with him and even accused me of cheating on him when I hesitated at first.

He promised me that it was the only thing that would bind us together and that it would only show him how much I loved him.

He insisted that there was no dangerous implication to the vow but I was to find out the hard way a year later when he died in an accident on his way back to school.

And since then, my life has never been the same as Segun’s spirit keeps appearing to me and tormenting me.

At the initial stage, he appeared in my dreams and would be dripping blood and begging me to follow him.

Then the apparitions became more brazen as he would appear to me in broad daylight, telling me never to leave him, reminding me of the vows we took.

Even when I tried to go into another relationship, Segun’s spirit has refused to let me be. In the past, he would just be crying and begging me to go with him but in the past few months or so, he would forcefully have sex with me, always reminding me that I belong to him and any man who tries to sleep with me would die.

My parents have taken me to many places, including spiritual churches and native doctors to seek for help, all to no avail.

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I really want to be free from my late boyfriend and the stupid vow I made out of ignorance but it seems the more I try, the more determined he has become to make my life a living hell. I am running mad at the moment and I need help fast.

Dear readers, on True Confession, what should Rita do to free herself from the spirit of her late boyfriend that has been tormenting her?

What do you think Rita should do to free herself from Segun's spirit?

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