Trump hails face-to-face talks with Putin ‘a good start’ (Telegraph)

Trump hails face-to-face talks with Putin ‘a good start’  (Telegraph)

The US President said talks between the two nations went “very well”.

He said the disagreements between the two countries are well known, but that together the US and Russia were going to solve the problems facing the world.  “We’ve seen the consequences when diplomacy is left on the table,” he said.  “Even during the tension of the Cold War, the US and Russia were able to maintain a strong dialogue.

“However, that changed as of about four hours ago. “Nothing would be easier politically than refusing to meet or engage, but that would not achieve anything.”

The Russian President has addressed the “difficult” relationship between the US and Russia.

Opening the joint press conference in Helsinki, he said now the Cold War is over, both countries face very different issues.  Talking of the private talks held in the Finnish capital, Putin said the discussions were “frank” but “useful”.  Read more

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