February 22, 2018

Trump held wild parties and hosted under-aged models  – New Report

Trump held wild parties and hosted under-aged models  – New Report

Donald Trump used to host wild cocaine-fueled sex parties with underage models as young as 15 at the Plaza Hotel, a new report has claimed. Two men who attended the bashes said the Republican nominee threw them regularly in the suites of the Manhattan luxury hotel when he owned it between 1988 and 1995, the Daily Beast’s Michael Gross reports.

Trump, who was married to his second wife Marla Maples at the time, never took cocaine at the parties, but would have sex with multiple girls, one of the men who attended has said. While other guests did cocaine and drank, Trump was ‘getting laid like crazy,’ the man, a fashion photographer based in New York who wished to remain anonymous, said.

Trump would go from ‘room to room’ where there were ‘guys with younger girls, sex, a lot of sex, a lot of cocaine, top shelf liquor’ but no smoking, which the businessman didn’t approve of, the photographer told the Daily Beast. Read more

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