March 19, 2019

Trump Tackles Another ‘Stormy’ in Defamation Suit Over Sexual Assault

Trump Tackles Another ‘Stormy’ in Defamation Suit Over Sexual Assault


Another ‘Stormy’ to weather for Trump as Summer Zervos comes out to sue the American president for defamation over denials he made about a sexual assault accusation.

The woman alleges that Donald Trump caused her restaurant business to suffered loss when he called her a liar. She also claims Trump is hiding evidence that could prove he sexually assaulted her in a hotel in 2007.

Ms. Zervos, claimed Trump kissed her twice on the mouth and groped her breast without consent.


In a new Supreme Court filing, she claims Mr. Trump has refused to hand over calendars, phone records, and files belonging to his former lawyer Michael Cohen which could back up her claims.


The president’s lawyers say they either don’t have the information or that it’s too ‘burdensome’ to produce, reported the New York Post.

Today, the parties will meet in a Manhattan appeals court to debate where the US Constitution’s Supremacy Clause shields Trump from civil litigation.

The statute of limitations has expired on Trump’s alleged crimes, but Ms. Zervos subsequently filed suit for defamation, saying Trump went too far in his denials.

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‘In an effort to convince the public that Ms. Zervos supposedly had lied about his groping, the defendant did not merely deny the truth of the specific facts she reported,’ a statement from Ms. Zervos’ lawyer said.


‘He went further, attacking her by stating falsely that she had lied for fame or to aid his political opponent.’


Mr Trump denied ever inappropriately touching any woman, saying ‘that is not how I’ve conducted my life.’


His attorneys have confirmed Trump’s statements about Ms. Zervos were true and that his remarks were ‘non-defamatory opinions’ that came amid the heated public debate of a national political campaign.

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