May 21, 2018

Tuface come chop kiss, biko – Viola Okolie

Tuface come chop kiss, biko – Viola Okolie
 So the cat that got Nollywood’s tongue finally released it and we are being regaled with all sorts of squabbles over a man’s right to walk the streets in protest against bad governance?

Well, at least, we have gotten a temporary reprieve from listening to them describe the female anatomy in precise details, brag about the size of their “cassava” and force us to endure badly made porn under the guise of music videos.

Plus, don’t get me wrong when I ask this: you mean Blackface and Rugged Man are still alive? And breathing?

Ornessly when I heard both names actually having an opinion on Tuface’s opinion, I had to scratch my dada and go back down memory lane. Waaaaaaaay back down memory lane, to remember who exactly they were.

Oshey musicians.

Una dey try.

And as for pa-le that was slut shaming TuFace, no be today abeg. Second base jare.

You see, that is why all these men need to let go of this male supremacy nonsense and just admit that they are also humans and stop arguing all sorts of rubbish. By now, you all would have developed a thick skin to slut shaming and it wouldn’t even have caused a ripple in the pond.

Because truth be told, we all have slut shamed Tuface in our minds, in our opinions on social media, the way we snigger behind our hands when talks of his super sharp shooting uzi is brought up anywhere.

See, the man does not know what “papa and mama blomblom” is all about, but that is not the point.

The point is that we women have gotten to a point where someone halts me mid-argument with a “seengumorda” barb and I tuck it under my belt and move on. Matter of fact, I will even help the person to troll myself properly. By the time I am done yabbing myself with the things you thought would hurt me, I would have used up all the ammunition you were piling up against me.

Wetin remain na?

Make everybody begin dey waka dey go house.

It is only a novelty because usually, men use slut shaming to try to shut women up – oh and women use it against themselves too just because a few seconds before God was done with creating women, He slipped and mistakenly spilled an overdose of petty juice into virtually every woman created.

But, ashawo or any other variant of slut shaming no longer peppers women for body like that na.

We have evolved beyond that and it didn’t just start today.

Way back in the university in the late nineties, I recall a group of girls that would greet themselves thusly:

“Ashawo how now?”
“Ashawo I dey o.”
“Ashawo you no go lecture today?”
“Noooo ashawo, I just tire.”

I used to watch that exchange between those particular group of girls with my mouth wide open, wondering what was wrong with them that they were professing prostitution so openly and the simplicity of what they were doing only hit me years later.

Okay, I have slut shamed myself, can we move on now?


So, I think we should tone down the hysterics and outrage on TuBaba’s behalf. I think the guy was even way ahead of his peers, if you listen to his “Raindrops” track, the guy got there before Professor Worreva.

Slut shamed himself and moved on.

And he did it in an album none the less.

*slow applause*

Which brings me to the question: Since you know you already have such a strong tool for feedback and clapback, what exactly is this  supposed to achieve?

Back to Nollywood: You all have a tool. Your voices. Your stage. The world is your audience. Your art is your medium of expression.

I will continue to say that if you have been going to the studio and mixing song about your cassava or what Folake did or did not do to you while Nigeria was groaning under the weight of bad governance, you are just wrong.

If you have been making videos about “Ugonma the prettiful girl” and “Ugonma and the King’s son” or “Ugonma and the palm wine tapper”, you are just wrong.

You have the voice and you have the platform.

You are not like us that groan under the weight of bad governance and struggle to find a means of making ourselves heard.

You do not need to walk the streets to bring home the import of whatever message it is you need to pass across.

Any activism you have not started everytime you pick up your microphone to sing, is suspect.

Today, we all refer to Fela and his almost Nostradamic prediction of our current state, because he voiced his protest and recorded it for posterity.

You guys are and have been wasting opportunities, what were you scared of before? What had changed?

You do not have to go to the streets, bring the street to you.

I wish you all luck as you go out to protest on the 5th of February, the tragedy would be if after that show for the cameras, we return to listening to you lamenting how you could have used a condom but didn’t, or how Folake did this and that to Tekno and his non existent cassava, or how Yemi Alade is now fully into the Aristo business and has to advertise with her Ferrari song.

You have a voice TuFace (and matter of fact all you Nollywood acts).

Use it!

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