Types Of Men You Should Think Twice Before Dating

Types Of Men You Should Think Twice Before Dating

Every often, you will hear a woman say “I wish I never met him.” Loosely translating to the whole interaction was a complete waste of time. Somewhere between playing detective and psychiatrist, you need to know the people you, at least, have to write off immediately to save you the headache, heartache or both. Despite the obvious red-flags like the ladies-man, the lazy one and the one too many baby daddy, there are five other men you should keep out of your list. Some guys seem perfect at first, but then, little by little, their true nature begins to emerge, so to avoid the pain and heartache of getting too involve

They are:


Mr. Confused

This one does not know what he wants or what he is doing. Which means he does not know if he really wants you for the long haul, for the season or for the day? He will call you to tell you he will see you in the evening then change his mind an hour before or hours later to cancel without a good reason. Unless you have time that can be wasted, do not afford this one an audience to play this game, he can go be confused over there by himself.

The Ghost

He goes quiet for days or even weeks and resurfaces with some stupid excuse and continues the conversation where you stopped it as if you had been frozen and now he thaws you with his lies. The thing is that, these ones know how to sneak in and out; they have mastered this art and know your right buttons.

The chauvinist and the control freak

He has the ability of turning into a violent partner if you are a little too stubborn. He will want you wearing sacks and make you feel like you are not playing the role of a woman right. It will often escape his lips in speech or non-verbal cues. If you are not into this type of man or cannot stand chauvinism, do not go into it with the hopes that he will change. They don’t.

The night lover/Netflix and chill

He has never ever been seen in broad daylight with you. He will always have an excuse or be too caught up until later on in the night. He can order in your favorite meals, buy you your favorite flowers and gift you but he is not going to take you out. He will claim he is an introvert but his social media will be popping when you are not together.

 The Mystery Man

You do not know what he does for a living or what exactly his business is. He will have a vague description of his job, like a security specialist or a tender-preneur. The confusing part is that he is the charming, doting romantic man you have never dated because in between doing nothing and playing mind tricks, he knows what a woman like you wants. You also do not know his friends or family in person and he probably doesn’t have a social media presence. This is where you walk out of this fairy tale waiting to be a horror story. Walk away as far as you can, you will be glad you did.


Mr. Too much talk without action

He never does what he says he will do basically he does not keep his promises. From returning a call, making reservations at a hotel or simply changing a bulb. He will often apologize and say how it is wrong for him to have done the mistake and promise you heaven and the stars whereas he cannot even carry your umbrella when it rains here on earth. Do not believe the hype.


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