Uber in trouble in Nigeria

Uber in trouble in Nigeria

Uber, the cab sharing service may be in trouble in Nigeria.

The service, which made its Nigerian debut with fanfare is presently being rocked by a string of issues.

First is Taxify, another cab sharing service which took the fight to Uber by slashing fares.

Uber replied with a price cut but one that did not go down well with its drivers. In fact, most cab owners are registered to both Taxify and Uber.

The dust had not fully settled when a driver told staging.sabinews.com on Friday, May 5 2017,  that yellow taxi drivers were attacking Uber drivers on the island. Our enquiries showed that Uber drivers and vehicles are identifiable because of the phones they place on their screens to aid navigation.

The driver, Kola, said he could not take a fare to Victoria Island because “someone just called me now that taxi drivers are attacking uber cars.”

Asked how Uber drivers can be identified, he pointed to his navigator.

Uber also had some bad press in the US a few months ago when a former staff complained that she had ben sexually harassed with Uber executives doing nothing.

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