UFO Encounter: Funny Reactions Trail Successful SpaceX Launch

UFO Encounter: Funny Reactions Trail Successful SpaceX Launch


Oct 7 marked a whole new reason why looking up in the sky is such an awe-inspiring act with the successful launching of the SpaceX. Rocket launches are always guaranteed to make people look up to the sky in awe, but the latest SpaceX liftoff might have just raised the bar for a long time.


Elon Musk’s company on Sunday successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket into the evening California sky, prompting locals to post pictures and videos of the spectacular light show on social media.

The rocket delivered the Argentine satellite SAOCOM 1A into orbit about 12 minutes after liftoff from Vandenberg Air Force Base, 160 miles northwest of Los Angeles.


In a first for SpaceX in the West Coast, Falcon 9’s first stage returned to the base, where it landed safely about eight minutes after takeoff.


Pictures clearly show the Falcon 9 rocket separating from the spacecraft behind the rocket trail.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was one of the many Californians posting stunning videos and photos of the rocket as it lit up the evening skies over the West Coast.

Other reactions were posted by observers some of whom thought they had seen Unidentified Flying Objects, like aliens visiting the earth (winks)




Elon Musk, who just agreed to a settlement with the SEC over charges brought against him and resigned his chairmanship of Tesla also posted pictures of this launch on this twitter.



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