Our ultimate aim is to get Buhari Re-elected for second term (Independent)

Our ultimate aim is to get Buhari Re-elected for second term (Independent)

The inauguration of the Buhari/ Osinbajo Campaign platform in the South West seems shrouded in division. Are you not treading a difficult terrain?

There is nothing which can be farther from the truth.

The two leaders were not present?

Tinubu himself was invited to that programme and he excused himself from it because he said he had an engagement in Abuja that weekend.

What of the Governor of Oyo State?

Well, for reasons best known to the governor, he didn’t attend. He was equally invited. And I don’t think his not coming is in any way connected to Tinubu’s absence that day. Tinubu gave a reason for not coming. But the governor didn’t give any reason and even if he eventually set up a meeting to coincide with that. But we don’t regret the fact that we had an event, it was held and it was very successful. More than 2,000 people of voting age attended. Read more

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