Unemployment increases chances of divorce

Unemployment increases chances of divorce

These are some of the numbers from FlowingData’s analysis of divorce rates. The site breaks down U.S. divorce rates by education, employment status, and ethnicity, and plots them against age, and makes a great counterpoint to another FlowingData piece on Marrying Age. Each graph also plots men and women separately. In all cases, the number of divorcees increases as people age.

The first thing to note is that the divorce rate isn’t climbing out of control, as is commonly believed. That’s because the easy way to calculate the number of failed marriages is to divide the number of divorces by the number of marriages. The problem here, says FlowingData’s Nathan Yau, is that “The people who marry now aren’t the same people who divorce now.” A serial divorcer will pop up in the numbers many times, while many of today’s marriages will last a good long time. Read more

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