Unethical Things Vulcanizers Do That Car Owners Don’t Like

Unethical Things Vulcanizers Do That Car Owners Don’t Like

We all love our cars being handled expertly by mechanics and vulcanizers but sometimes, these artisans go about their job in a very unethical way.

According to a report by the FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps), over 5,000 lives were lost on Nigerian roads due to tyre sudden burst between 2010 and 2016.

This is a major pointer to the fact that we have to be careful the way we take care of our car tyres. Furthermore, we have to be careful about the type of vulcanizers we permit to touch the tyres of our cars. Some are culpable for the way and manner they improperly handle tyres during repairs.

These are seven absurd things vulcanizers do when fixing car tyres.


  1. Eba or Fufu as the sealant

Some of these roadside vulcanizers try to save costs in order to maximize profits by using fufu as a form of sealant instead of using the factory-recommended one.

An unsuspecting driver is more prone to an accident due to this unethical practice.


  1. Apply saliva on tyre valves

Some vulcanizers are so unhygienic and unethical that they apply saliva from their mouths to the tip of the tyre valves. Don’t you just get disgusted even thinking about it?

This is a pointer that we should be more careful about who we take our vehicles to for repairs.


  1. Steal from your car

Always ensure you run a thorough inspection of the tyres and wheels of your car once it is brought back by the vulcanizer.

You’d be surprised to know that some of them steal things from your vehicle which you may deem unimportant but may be crucial in the long run.

Always endeavour to check everything is intact before you step on the gas. Although some of them may make honest mistakes forgetting to return your jack and wheel spanners.


  1. Over-Inflation

Always ensure your vulcanizer inflates your tyres with the correct pressure. Most of them will say “50” which means 50 psi.

For most cars, this air pressure is far above the recommended figure and this is a major cause of tyre blowouts and loss of traction which can lead to death.

The recommended pressure can be found on the driver’s door pillar so don’t let any vulcanizer put your life at risk.


  1. Not knowing tyre rotation and direction

Some vulcanizers are unlettered which means they are unable to read and understand the directional signs on the tyres of your car.

Even after explaining that this part has “inside” written on it and the other side has “outside” written on it, they still end up crisscrossing everything. The onus lies on you to check it yourself for your own safety.


  1. Not tightening the wheel knots properly

Always ensure that the knots around the wheels are properly tightened because negligence may be disastrous.

Some vulcanizers don’t do this basic job properly, therefore, putting your life at risk.


  1. Rim damage

Due to the nature of their job which makes them harried most of the time, vulcanizers may damage your rim if you aren’t watchful.

So always request for a tube or cloth to prevent the wheels from scratching.


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