July 20, 2018

Unexploded World War II bomb discovered

Unexploded World War II bomb discovered

Hundreds of families in east London were spending Monday night in a school hall as army disposal experts worked to defuse an unexploded second world war bomb.

The bomb was discovered by contractors at a building site in east London at around 12.45pm, leading to the introduction of a police hazard zone and the initial evacuation of 150 people from houses and business.

Ministry of Defence (MoD) experts arrived at Temple Street, Bethnal Green, at around 5pm to defuse the 500lb device and have continued to work through Monday the night.

The hazard zone was extended to 200 metres, meaning more families were evacuated to a Bethnal Green academy where Tower Hamlets council set up a rest centre.

A council spokesman said: “After discussions with the army, the London fire brigade and the Metropolitan police we have agreed to extend to exclusion zone to 200 metres. Read more

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