I was eighteen and home on holiday from my first semester at Uni.

She was also 18 and home from uni too.

We had done SSS 2 and 3 together, studied for JAMB together and kissed one or two times. I remember that on one occasion, as we sat in her father’s car and waited for the driver to make a payment at the bank, I had even stuck a finger into her pants and copped a feel of her tightness.

But that was all we could do.

I was not a virgin at sixteen but she was and she wanted to be until she turned eighteen.adesua

“I can’t be having sex when I can’t vote,” she told one day when tired of kissing I had tried to take off her jeans trousers.

“You read that somewhere abi, in one of these books you carry,” I charged and Celine had laughed, the dimple appearing on her right cheek, her beautiful eyes sparkling.

“You should read them too,” she said kissing me.

“But I read,” I said reaching into my ruck sack for my Hadley Chase novel.

“Hadley Chase is pop fiction. Read something more enlightening.”

I laughed not because I agreed but because I was 17 and in love and everything she said sounded funny even if it was a yab.

We had just finished JAMB and were waiting for university. Celine’s parents were abroad on holiday with her younger brothers and we were home alone. Her auntie who was supposed to be keeping an eye on her had winked at us as she went off to a wedding.

We kissed and touched and she even let me suck her breasts but that was as much as he would allow. Even at seventeen, Celine was someone who knew what she wanted.

sex with ice cubes

Her parents came back, time passed, JAMB results were announced and we gained admission. She to Ibadan and me to Jos.

We wrote letters, promising each other undying love with Celine insisting that once she turned eighteen she would let me dis-virgin her.

And she kept her promise.

We had planned it well. The deed would be doneon a Saturday, a week after her eighteenth birthday.

I would come over  when her parents would be away at a wedding.

But the day didn’t start out well. First my Dad insisted on me accompanying him to see an Uncle whose wife had died. That visit stole 2 hours of my time and by the time I got to her house, it was past 4pm.

But we weren’t to be deterred.

I kissed her the moment I got in and then we were rolling on the rug as I divested her.

I wanted to f$%k Celine as much as she wanted to but I needed it to be special. So, instead of tearing off her pants and sticking my whatchamacallit into her Kintus, I decided to play lover boy.

I went to the freezer and fetched ice cubes. I told her to lie on her back while I ran a watery trail down her back with the cube I held between my teeth and lips.

ice cubes 2

I watched as her skin erupted in a rash of goose bumps but then just as she took off her panties and opened her Kintus wide, we heard her father’s car honking at the gate.

Continues next week

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