Man fined €70 for ‘loud belch’

Man fined €70 for ‘loud belch’

Visitors to Vienna might want to go easy on the beer and sausages, after a man was fined by police for offending public decency with a loud burp.

Edin Mehic was fined €70 ($77) for belching while standing close to a policeman in the city’s famous Prater Park.

Writing on Facebook, Mehic said he burped after eating a kebab with too much onion.

Moments later, he wrote, “I felt a hand on my shoulder”.

“But what had I done?… I was being reported for a ‘decency violation’, the policeman shouted.

“I had a long discussion with him about why he wasn’t picking up real criminals who were obviously consuming and selling completely legal drugs. That didn’t get us very far.” Read more


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