Visit Australia and fall in love for life by Tee

Visit Australia and fall in love for life by Tee

Growing up one of the few places I longed to visit was Australia. Ask me why and I may not be able to give any concrete answers.

Maybe my love affair with Australia started when I learnt in Sunday school that it was a continent and a country. That fact intrigued me so much and so the longing began. When it was time to go to university I was too afraid and timid to demand I went to school in Australia by way of scholarship (yep, a lot of scholarships are being offered to African countries). But today, after such a long time I can say that Australia is a fantastic place.


It is a very intriguing and nice place for a family vacation but first, a little bit of history about Australia: the original owners where the aboriginal Australians who are believed to have come from the maritime Southeast Asia between 40,000 and 70,000 years ago. Their culture is very rich artistically, musically and spiritually. They have kept these traditions for a long time and they are still alive till this day.

If you love the hustle and bustle of city life make sure you spend some time in Sydney especially during the New Year. To get a fantastic view of the New Year dawning make sure you spend a view days in Sydney overlooking the Sydney harbour with its fantastic display of fireworks. But beware, Sydney is very expensive. A hotel with the view of the Sydney harbour and fireworks display goes for about one thousand Australian dollars a night or more. (Me I have respected myself and I will see the view in my home, very affordable).

sydney harbour

If you Like calm, the quiet city Life/village life, check out Adelaide or broken hills, it gives you everything from the busy city life living to the calm and serenity of village life, with a lot of attractions for tourists from their safari zoo rides to their museum, an experience feeding the Kangaroos, the famous Dolphins sanctuary, and wineries as a city that produces a lot of wine. They also have a very fantastic university the university of Adelaide which is one of the top 10 schools in Australia. If you are thinking of schooling think Adelaide, think Australia.


Me, I am a city girl at heart so I chose Melbourne as my vacation spot just because it isn’t as expensive as Sydney and not as busy. Wildlife is big in Australia so a note of caution; when you are traveling down to Australia make sure you declare your food stuff, most of it may be thrown away but it’s best you declare because if caught you are fined immediately. Why is this so? Well Australians are big on vegetation and animal conservation. If you love animals you would be drawn to their wild zoo where you can see giraffes, zebras, African painted dogs (African painted dogs are breath taking).

The only downside to Australia is the fact that it’s very expensive; you pay for everything and nothing is free. You pay for parking, Internet, food, accommodation etc I mean everything.

Looking for affordable shopping? You have Kmart, Target, Big W, the Reject Shop and then you have harbour town which is where their outlet malls are situated. For affordable food, stick to China town.

The upside to Australia is the fact that it is a whole new world of its own. It is a continent that encourages immigration and they have some of the best schools in the world which offer a lot of scholarships for African citizens.

As London is to Africans so Australia is to Asians. Chat with you all later as I go and find myself kangaroo burger and crocodile pepper soup.

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