Comedian, Wanda Sykes Falls Out With Audience For Trump Bashing

Comedian, Wanda Sykes Falls Out With Audience For Trump Bashing

American Comedian, Wanda Sykes, met with an unexpected boomerang in New Jersey. She opened her show with jokes about Donald Trump, and learned firsthand not everyone would stand for Trump bashing.

Some part of the audience walked out. Some part began to heckle Wanda. Another part who did not mind the lead joke expressed their support for Wanda.

Wanda Syke’s jokes fell flat with some of her fans.

Her joke had been about how the public appeared to be aging more quickly from stress during Trump’s administration. For this, the group that disagreed with her believed she was being too political. Some yelled at her, saying, “Do some comedy. Too political!”

Another attendee, Christine Delancey, said, “I paid for a comedy, not a political venue. First of all, you don’t bash our president. I am not a Trump supporter, but he is my president, and I would never bash my president.”

But among her supporters was Gabby Young who said, “You knew what you were gonna get. You should have known that it wasn’t going to be pro-Trump.”

Theater staff declined to comment.


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